Editor: The Durham Report has proved the existence of Russian election collusion but not in the they way you might think. Trump was not the evildoer but it was Hillary, Hillary Clinton orchestrated the Russian Collusion scandal with the aim to divert attention away from her own email case, and to vilify her opponent Donald Trump. The report puts to rest the cruel and malicious lie about Trump and the Russians that permeated the Trump administration for four years and paralyzed his administration. It uncovered a deliberate attempt by men and women in power to subvert the will of the people. It was we the people who were hurt by this subversive plot operated by cowards and knaves in the FBI, members of Congress and the media who purposely lied to the public with the intent to hurt the country. Now we know the truth. Unfortunately nothing can be done to these people for their misdeeds. It is up to history to judge these vermin. I hope harshly.

Now that the Russian hoax is proven false and the Hunter laptop is true, what is next? Maybe the 2020 election will be proven stolen. We can only hope.